How to login to Zions Bank

Zions (First National) Bank is located in Western and Southwestern states, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A. This article is intended to help users login to Zions Bank account.


Official website

Type in your browser’s address bar or and the official website of Zions Bank opens. Notice there should be a “lock” sign indicating the data exchange is encrypted and secure. This is how it should look:


Do not proceed if you see anything different because you may end up entering your sensitive info (login, password, account numbers etc.) at a phishing website. Instead, try again typing in the correct site URL as shown above.

Below is a screenshot of the Zions Bank home page as of Oct 2018:


To login, you should enter your login ID and password at the boxes at the left side of the screen.

Note there are 3 options: Personal login, Business login and Corporate login.

We will explain below how to do Personal login.

Zions Bank login procedure

Type in your login ID and password in corresponding boxes and hit “Sign in” button. The website will take you to your personal Zions Bank homepage:

zions bank services

This page has 4 tabs at the top: Home, Accounts, Payments, Services which can be switched simply by hovering your mouse over the tab. Each tab has its own submenu, see more detail below.

In case you have not yet enrolled in online banking you can do so by pressing “Enroll Now”. You will be taken to the enrollment page:


To enroll, you will need

  1. Zions Bank ATM or Visa debit card number and PIN
  2. Last 4 digits of your social security number
  3. Date and amount of your last deposit

After authentication, you will be assigned the login information which you can use to log on to Zions Bank online banking.

If you need a Business login, click on the second tab. The procedure is the same except you will need to provide your company name.

Note that if you have a mortgage and need to manage it you can press Mortgage login


You will then navigate to a different website responsible for managing loans provided by Zions Bank as well as some other banks. Here is a screenshot:


If you forgot Login ID or password

If you forgot your login ID or a password click “Need help” and you will navigate to

  • a page where you can either confirm your identity and recover your login ID or
  • a page where you can reset your password.

To recover your ID you will need

  1. your card number
  2. PIN
  3. last 4 digits of your social security number.


To reset your password, you will need to provide

  1. your Login ID
  2. email address.


Note that from time to time (once per several months) the website will ask you to change your password for security reasons. You will need to fill out the simple form – old password, new password and new password again.


Personal online banking home page

As we mentioned above, once you successfully logged on to your online banking account, you will see your personal banking home page. It has 4 tabs at the top which can be observed and switched by hovering your mouse over.

zions bank services

Each tab has its own submenu:




The complete list of the bank’s services is found under the tab “Services” and it’s divided into the following sections:

  • My Preferences
  • Apply now
  • My Account Documents
  • Account Services
  • Check Services
  • Alerts & Messages
  • Card Services
  • Learn More

We plan to provide help on all these services in separate articles.

You may also click “Take a tour” under the “Learn More” section and you will be given detailed explanations on Online banking, Mobile banking, ATM and eDocuments.

Zions Bank contact information

Below is Zions Bank contact information to help you find an appropriate department. It can also be found here





Hope this article was helpful. Please comment on it below. We will be happy to improve it.


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