How to login to US Bank

So, you want to login to your account at US Bank? Here is how it’s done. Below is an easy to follow step-by-step instruction.

Note: we explain below how to login to a full website, not a mobile version. However, it’s pretty similar.

US Bank login procedure

Step 1. Open in any browser. You may just type in or but you should see this at your browser window regardless of what you typed:

usbank browser window

Make sure you are at the right place, because if you somehow come to a phishing website mimicking the real US Bank website you may be at serious risk. Don’t try to log on if you see anything different.

This is how the US Bank website personal login page looks like. Note that there are several options as to where exactly to sign in at US Bank. These are shown in the dropdown menu:


In this article we will talk about Online banking login, so just leave the default option in place without selecting anything else.

Step 2. Type in your personal ID which was given to you when you signed up for your online US Bank account. In case you logged in recently your browser may partly show you your ID, something like this:

login id

In case you have not logged in to your US Bank account for long or if you are logging in from a new IP address, their website may ask a control question which was previously set up by you.


After getting a right answer it will take you to the next page where a picture previously selected by you is shown (in my case it’s a picture of a rabbit) and a password is requested. This picture helps you make double sure you are on a real US Bank login page and not on a phishing site – if you don’t see it don’t log in!

usbank id picture

Step 3. Now you need to type in your password and press “Login” afterwards. To avoid a typo you may hit “show” and the password will be shown on screen (not recommended in public places). Once the website accepts the password, you are logged in and you can see your US Bank accounts info, including checking, saving and credit cards accounts. It will show the account nicknames that you had assigned before.


You will also see a number of options available here at the top of the page and on the sides. You may explore them. We plan to provide help on these in separate articles on our website.

In case you need US Bank help, locate the link at the top right corner. Once you click on it, you will be able to search for answer to your particular question or just browse Help topics.

Note that help is provided in the form of written articles. If you want to contact live Customer service go to this link and choose what sort of customer service you need:


What if I forget my Personal ID?

When you first signed up for US Bank online access you got your Personal ID which is now must be used to sign on. If you forget it, don’t worry. Click on “Forgot ID?’ link located at your US Bank online login page

usbank - forgot id

and the website will take you to the ID retrieval page:


Select “Personal” account and then you will need to provide:

STEP 1 – either your phone number or email or card/account number,


and then

STEP 2 – last 4 digits of your Social Security number,



STEP 3 – one of the pins associated with your cards

retrieve id


Once you verified your identity, the ID retrieval process ends and you will get your personal ID.

If you are still unable to sign in, you may call this number:


Note: If you make too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in the website will temporarily block you! It will warn you when it’s about to do that.

What if I forgot the password?

If you did forget your password click on “Forgot password?” link and you will be taken to a Login assistance page which looks like this:


You will need to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Next, you will need to type one of the PINs associated with your accounts.


To retrieve or reset your password you may need to call US Bank Online and mobile banking Customer care. Here are the numbers:

  • Online & Mobile Customer Service 800-872-2657
  • International Collect Calls 503-401-9991

As you can see, lost password may cause a lot of hassle, so better keep it in a safe place in case your memory fails for some reason.


As you can see, US Bank online login procedure is pretty much straight forward and easy. You just need to remember

  1. a pass-image verifying the authenticity of the US Bank website
  2. your personal ID
  3. your password.

We talked about the desktop full website login. The mobile login version is very similar, so you should not have any problem using your smartphone to login to US Bank online.

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